FLEXCARE options for flexible scheduling

What is TARTTs FLEXCARE Program

Working from home and need a few hours to take a meeting or work uninterrupted? Need to shop, run errands or workout? WE CAN HELP! TARTTs Day Care Centers are offering flexible scheduled childcare options for part time & short windows. Complete the form and follow the steps below to learn more or sign up for FLEXCARE

WITH THE FLEXCARE PROGRAMYOU CHOOSE the day, date and 4-hour or 6-hour schedule. Two meals are included. We offer Infant, Toddler and Preschool schedules for our part time child care.

ALL WITH ONLY a 30 day commitment window.

DECADES OF EXCELLENCE  At TARTTs we understand that you are looking for caregivers that are happy, engaged and love children. You are looking for a clean well-managed daycare facility. Ultimately you are looking for your child to have a safe, nurturing educational experience.

Getting Started

Creative childcare solutions to help you support your family’s needs when working from home or returning to work.

Schedule a Tour

Complete the above form to schedule a tour. You will be contacted to schedule / confirm the date
During your tour you will receive FLEXCARE Scheduling Options and Pricing.

Ready to Schedule Your Flex Care Sessions

Complete, Submit and Email the following FORMS & AGREEMENTS

  • Tuition Agreement
  • Parent Provider Agreement
  • Child Health Form & Current Vaccination Record
  • The Child Application Form
  • Receipt of Parent Guide
Forms Completed!

Once your FORMS and AGREEMENTS have been submitted you are ready to
book your sessions!

Last Step
  • Let us know the first date you would like to schedule care.
  • You will receive a link from ScheduleOnce to book and remit payment for available sessions.  *Please note: if your sessions are not booked within 48 hours of receiving your booking link, you will need to request a new booking link from admissions as your desired dates may no longer be available.

FLEXCARE Inquiry Form

Dear Prospective TARTTs Family, 

Completing the 5 minute form below is your 1st Step toward creating your customized FLEXCARE child care plan. After submitting the form you will be contacted by TARTTs to schedule and confirm your tour date. We are confident this program will help you to support your families needs.

Please select your 30 Day Child Care window (6 day minimum – 8 day maximum)

(857) 214-4500
TARTTs SoWa - South End
Infants and Young Toddlers
2 months – 20 months

(857) 214-4500
TARTTs at the Factory - South End
Infants, Toddlers, Preschool
2 months – 5 years

(857) 214-4500
TARTTs South End - South End
Toddlers and Preschool
21 months – 4 years

Keep in touch

Parents please include child age or due date, desired childcare start date and which location you are interested in visiting.

Keep in touch

Dear Parents, here are your latest updates!

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