Curriculum & Activities

At TARTTs, we understand that as parents, you seek caregivers who genuinely love children and provide a safe and nurturing environment. Your child’s happiness, engagement, and well-being are our top priorities. Our facility is clean, well-managed, and designed to offer your child a safe and educational experience.

Learning About the World
We believe in fostering young children’s curiosity by providing daily opportunities for sensory exploration. Our dedicated educators introduce them to various sights, sounds, textures, and sensations. Through books, sensory tables, songs, and plenty of smiles, your child’s day will be filled with joyful learning.

Developing Motor Skills
We encourage infants and toddlers to discover the potential of their bodies. They engage in lots of tummy time, explore safe indoor spaces, and enjoy outdoor playtime to develop their gross motor skills. Additionally, daily activities focus on enhancing their fine motor skills, fostering creativity and self-expression. Our educators empower toddlers to embrace independence by teaching them skills like manipulating buttons, zippers, snaps, using a spoon, and drinking from a cup.

Understanding Self and Others
We nurture children to unleash their imagination and curiosity. Our carefully chosen age-appropriate books, instruments, toys, and pretend play activities challenge their creativity. Your youngster will have exciting opportunities to explore and learn about themselves and others.

Science & Math
TARTTs educators inspire the children to engage in meaningful play that involves exploration and experimentation. We understand that children have a natural curiosity about how things work, and we strive to foster a love for learning new concepts. Our curriculum is centered around classroom activities that nurture curiosity, wonder, and critical thinking. We provide opportunities for children to take risks and actively engage with their environment, building essential skills for confident and enthusiastic learners. 

The Arts
At TARTTs, we value artistic expression and exploration for developing skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. Our teachers nurture children’s artistic abilities, promoting an appreciation for art through diverse and engaging experiences. Encouraging self-expression and creative risks empowers children to develop a sense of innovation that will benefit them in adulthood. Art plays a vital role in developing life skills, stimulating imagination, and promoting critical thinking. Through our program, children confidently express ideas, take artistic risks, and complete tasks, preparing them for future success. 

Music & Dance
Music and Dance instruction hold a special place in our curriculum at TARTTs. We not only incorporate music & dance into our daily activities but also bring in expert musical artists in residence who possess extensive experience working with young children. Children experience a sense of belonging and group connection by engaging in dance and music-making together. Numerous studies have shown that music and movement positively impacts children’s cognitive abilities, including spatial reasoning and memory. Moreover, providing a rich and stimulating environment that engages all the senses, including the auditory sense, promotes healthy growth and development in children.

little beatsCourse Description:  Little Beats enrichment classes build confidence through physical exploration in a social learning environment. Our classes contribute to whole-body wellness for children of all ages and developmental abilities. Creative dance enhances creativity, physical literacy, and coordination by encouraging children to explore their bodies in new ways! Heavily rooted in music and imagination, children learn how to express themselves, problem solve and will also master fundamental movement concepts and skills to a diverse range of music and dance styles.

little grooveLittle Grove features their award-winning early childhood music programs at our daycare facilities.

Winners of BEST OF BOSTON in 2022, Little Groove music classes specialize in children from 3 months up to 4 years of age and are designed to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn and interact through sound, sight and touch in a live music setting. Children enjoy being a part of the musical experience, using their bodies and voices to sing along to catchy songs that help them build important motor, social, cognitive and language skills.

They will also have fun using real instruments such as drums, maracas, and tambourines. Children also interact with puppets, balls, stacking cups and one large parachute! Little Groove music classes are a fun learning environment for children.

Each activity has a learning objective. In a Little Groove class, children will learn and develop:

  • Counting
  • Identifying: colors, shapes, body parts, and animals and their sounds
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Object permanence
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Basic rhythm
  • Drumming skills
  • Basic music theory
  • Explore texture

Children will develop fine motor skills through holding maracas, stacking cups and puppets. They will develop gross motor skills through jumping and stretching. They will learn object permanence with peek-a-bow and develop hand-eye coordination through drumming.

They will learn the basic rhythm, drumming skills and have fun with musical games that promote learning real music theory.

Make these songs your own and find all of the wonderful ways that will encourage your child to grow into the beautiful, incredible little being that they are. And most importantly, have fun making music!

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TARTTs at The Factory

ADDRESS: 56 Wareham Street, Boston, MA 02118
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
AGES SERVED: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool (2 months – 4 years)
PHONE: (857) 214-4500

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ARTTs Day Care Centers is excited to introduce our newest location, TARTTs at The Factory, situated between Harrison Ave and Albany Street in Boston’s Historic South End.

This location offers families many amenities, such as:

  • Modern and unique classrooms designed to promote creativity & learning
  • Two exclusive outdoor play spaces 
  • An indoor play space 

The Factory building at 56 Wareham is at the junction of the Mass Pike and I93 exits. The location is also Silver Line accessible on the MBTA.


ADDRESS: 477 Harrison Avenue, Suite 1B, Boston, MA 02118
AGES SERVED: Infants (2 months to 14 Months)
PHONE:  (857) 214-4500

TARTTs SoWa is TARTTs Day Care Center’s 2nd South End location. This art-themed, boutique-style child care facility continues TARTTs unique brand of small, intimate child care locations specifically designed to meet the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Located in the Jordan Lofts building south of Washington Street (SoWa). TARTTs SoWa features:

  • A modern, artistic design 
  • Small classroom sizes 
  • An exclusive outdoor green space 

TARTTs South End​

ADDRESS: 495 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
AGES SERVED: Toddlers (15 months to 2.9 years)
PHONE: (857) 214-4500

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TARTTs Day Care Center, located at 495 Harrison Ave., lies in the heart of Boston’s Historic South End. This warm and bright facility is situated between Savoy Street and Randolph Street.

495 Harrison Ave. is MBTA accessible from Washington Street (silver line and bus connection). There are also nearby exits to Interstate 93 and the Massachusetts Turnpike. We have designated 10-minute parking spaces for parents for quick and easy drop-off and pickup.