While Tartts has received hundreds of testimonials & rewards over its 70 year history, we have included a few of our many testimonials which continue to repeat the theme of love, care, and our passion for early childhood education. We thank our families for their heartfelt emails, cards, and letters.

TARTTs relies on “word of mouth” to attract new families. All of our centers have waiting lists due exclusively to parents sharing their experiences with friends, mom’s groups, and online reviews.

The decision of which child care center to enroll your child in is a very important one. In addition to these wonderful testimonials, we are able to provide recommendations from prior and existing parents to families who join our waitlist.

We are so grateful for all the love and care you have provided to our children over the last couple of years. We are sad to leave you now, and we will try to forgive you for not providing child care until our children turn 18 years old! There are many good memories we have of every single one of you. Every morning, after I dropped my girls off, I felt so good, not just because I was going to get a little break and enjoy some coffee at my desk at work, but because I knew my children were in a safe and clean environment and were surrounded by people who truly made them feel loved. What else could a parent wish for in a child care setting? The work you all do is so important and so underappreciated in today’s society. I have seen you all full of energy every morning, day after day. I have also seen you at the end of the day probably exhausted, and packing up to go home and take care of your own families. Please know that we consider your more than “child care providers”. You have been true members of our family, and have shaped and molded our children at a crucial time in thier development.

Patsy E, – Medford, MA

Riley has been cared for and loved by all her teachers at Tartt’s since day one. The experience has been wonderful! The staff has been incredible and accommodating to cloth diapers, food from home, special instructions, and even to accommodating full time breast feeding for over four months. These items are of great importance to our family and Tartt’s was wonderfully accommodating and supportive.

Casey B, – Jamaica Plain, MA

Thank You! You’ve helped me provide Amari with an incredible foundation for his future. The Day care you run is the best and I wish more were like Tartt’s.

Maureen & Danny G, – Boston, MA

Henrik and I want to thank you so much for taking care of our little Adelaide. She has grown and learned so much in your trusted care.

Chelsea S, – Jamaica Plain, MA

We first found this daycare nearly three years ago, at the end of a long search for a caregiver for our son, then ten weeks old. Tartt’s felt right to us from the start. Their facilities are bright and clean, the staff is professional and courteous, their staff turnover rates are stunningly low for the industry they’re in, and we immediately felt comfortable in the center. From my first day back at work to the day that our son aged out of their programs, he received excellent care from all of the staff. Over this time, we watched him grow from a sunny baby into a sweet and adventurous kid, and while we know he must have been a handful at times (he certainly was at home), the daycare providers at Tartt’s always dealt with him patiently, and were responsive to parental concerns. We are particularly indebted to them for their clever and gentle tactics for getting him to stop swearing (an unfortunate habit he picked up at home), and for their kindness when I was hospitalized for pregnancy complications. I don’t believe that a better daycare center could be found at any price.

Elizabeth A. – Charlestown, MA

I think Tartt’s is one of the best daycare centers that I have ever come in contact with. It’s a family & I will continue my relationship with them because I loved it and I will refer everyone with children and people without hildren for their future child care.

Charlena H, – Dorchester, MA

We think the teachers & activities are wonderful. The daily reports gave us a good idea of activities to do at home. Great stimulation, growth & development. Independence and confidence being away from Mom & Dad.

Miriam S, – Boston, MA

My oldest son has gained a lot of knowledge. He learned a variety of signs, vocabulary words, and Spanish words. He learned how to behave and interact in a school setting. He built very healthy relationships with the professionals and the other kids. Enrolling our children at Tartts was one of the best decisions that we have made as parents. Being enrolled at Tartts is like being a member of a wonderful family who has passionately cared for children for 3 generations. Leaving Tartts will be one of the hardest things that we will do as parents of young children.

Kelleigh G. – Boston, MA

When Jonathan was an Infant we were very nervous and worried about dropping our precious baby off with strangers. It soon became apparent that we were in fact dropping him off with “family”. Thank you so much for caring for him, nurturing him, educating him and most of all loving him while he was in your care. We knew he was in a safe and loving environment and that made our day easier as well. Everyone at Tartt’s should be proud of the exemplary job you do there daily. You all showed and taught Jonathan many of the early learning skills that will carry him through for the rest of his life. May you have many more years of continued success in caring for the youngest and newest residents of Boston.

Heather M, – Boston, MA

To the Ladies at Tartts: I do not know how to thank you enough for the love you gave to Stuart over the past 2 years. I am trying to focus on the fact that Stuart is growing up , but the fact is I’m so sad that Stuart will not be in the care of the lovely ladies I have come to trust completely. Thank You!

Bridget A, – Weymouth, MA

Thanks for all the help, love, guidance, and organization your family brings to the care at Tartt’s. We had a wonderful time. Arden grew tremendously and I owe your team a great deal of the credit. She is open to learning and excited to see her friends. What a great experience!

Cathy O, – Boston, MA

Excellent interactive skills, learned so much: Learned to count to 100 by 10’s, learned to speak spanish, cognitive skills, and the ability to communicate. My child was very happy with Tartt’s as was I. The staff was superb, excellent, warm, and patient. It saddens me that my child has to leave the center. I wish you went up to kindergarten age! Absolutely an excellent center for a parent to send their children to.

Pam D, – Boston, MA

My daughter’s vocabulary and use of language is advanced thanks to Tartts. Love that Leilani incorporates Spanish. Also exposure to other children has been good for her. Tartt’s really worked with me to give me strategies for coping with Leilani’s tantrums.

Larissa J. – Boston, MA

She gained so much – Friends, Good Speech, talking sharing, very good skills such as learning numbers & ABC’ ‘ s!

Elia L. – Boston, MA

Elsie has grown into quite a wonderful toddler at Tartts. We are always excited to see what new things she has learned. From sign language to playing well on her own with others, we have been very impressed with the individual attention given to each child. We truly loved it ! Our whole family will be sad to leave and we are so grateful for all the flexibility shown by the staff. Our daughter has grown from a newborn to a wonderful sweet almost 2 year old with everyone at Tartts and we will never forget the specialness of this time in our lives and those who helped care our Elsie.

Sara S. – Boston, MA

Wesley learned so much at Tartts! Wesley was exposed to music, fun & games, outside play, new words in English and Spanish, playing with others, picking up, meal time habits, the list goes on and on! I felt like he was always in a nurturing environment and his teachers have been so good with him.

Stephanie E. -Boston, MA

By FAR the best daycare in the South End, great on so many levels – had two kids at both South End and SoWa locations. Much better than Bright Horizons and Little Sprouts (heard negative stories about the Back Bay location for the former and had one child at the latter.) Wish our third had the chance to go here but we moved

Dan L.

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