Phrases of Encouragement: How to Avoid Saying “Good Job” and What We Can Do Instead.

Here at Tartt’s, we foster the belief that each moment with your child is an opportunity to learn.

Whether you are a parent or an educator, you have most likely noticed that the phrase “Good Job” becomes mundane after saying it for the thousandth time. You may have even pondered if an alternative exists.

There are objective phrases we can use that encompass more meaning and support to benefit the growth and development of our children. It is a continuous and conscious effort, that will conduct a positive and worthwhile impact on the child’s self-esteem.

Using the Montessori approach, we are able to focus on the child’s process rather than the end result of their efforts. We can also offer positive reinforcement that allows the child to evaluate themselves rather than always be evaluated.

Encouragement vs. Praise

Praise is an automatic evaluation on the child’s efforts. “That’s Amazing!” “You’re the Best!” These words create the habit of the child seeking acknowledgement from others and may also create expectations for them.  We want them to have confidence and know that they are capable of doing hard things.

Children naturally feel successful and they do not need us to reinforce that feeling.

Here are some examples:

“Sounds like that was challenging for you but you persevered.”

“I notice many details in your picture. Tell me about them.”

“You worked really hard on that!”


Instead of…                               Try this…

“You’re so smart”                      “How do you feel about that?”

“I love it!”                                   “I can see the effort you put into it!”

“I am so proud of you!”           “You must be very proud of yourself!”

“You are so helpful.”                “I appreciate your help.”

“What a beautiful drawing!”  “It looks like you enjoyed creating that!

“Thank you for cleaning.”        “You cleaned up, everything looks so

nice and neat”

“The child, in fact, once they feel sure of themself, will no longer seek the approval of authority after every step.” Dr. Maria Montessori

By Marissa Zanoni

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TARTTs at The Factory

ADDRESS: 56 Wareham Street, Boston, MA 02118
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
AGES SERVED: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool (2 months – 4 years)
PHONE: (857) 214-4500

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ARTTs Day Care Centers is excited to introduce our newest location, TARTTs at The Factory, situated between Harrison Ave and Albany Street in Boston’s Historic South End.

This location offers families many amenities, such as:

  • Modern and unique classrooms designed to promote creativity & learning
  • Two exclusive outdoor play spaces 
  • An indoor play space 

The Factory building at 56 Wareham is at the junction of the Mass Pike and I93 exits. The location is also Silver Line accessible on the MBTA.


ADDRESS: 477 Harrison Avenue, Suite 1B, Boston, MA 02118
AGES SERVED: Infants (2 months to 14 Months)
PHONE:  (857) 214-4500

TARTTs SoWa is TARTTs Day Care Center’s 2nd South End location. This art-themed, boutique-style child care facility continues TARTTs unique brand of small, intimate child care locations specifically designed to meet the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Located in the Jordan Lofts building south of Washington Street (SoWa). TARTTs SoWa features:

  • A modern, artistic design 
  • Small classroom sizes 
  • An exclusive outdoor green space 

TARTTs South End​

ADDRESS: 495 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
AGES SERVED: Toddlers (15 months to 2.9 years)
PHONE: (857) 214-4500

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TARTTs Day Care Center, located at 495 Harrison Ave., lies in the heart of Boston’s Historic South End. This warm and bright facility is situated between Savoy Street and Randolph Street.

495 Harrison Ave. is MBTA accessible from Washington Street (silver line and bus connection). There are also nearby exits to Interstate 93 and the Massachusetts Turnpike. We have designated 10-minute parking spaces for parents for quick and easy drop-off and pickup.