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The Surprisingly Logical Minds of Babies

How do babies learn so much from so little so quickly? In a fun, experiment-filled talk, cognitive scientist Laura Schulz shows how our young ones make decisions with a surprisingly strong sense of logic, well before they can talk. Check out the full video: The...

Ask the Director: “Help my child is a Biter!!”

Dear Director, I hate to say it but my 14 month old son is a “serial” biter, he bites me, his classmates and even MY MOM. This is embarrassing and it hurts. Help! Bitten Newton, MA Dear Bitten, Don’t despair, biting is quite common for infants and toddlers and if...


Dear Director, I can’t figure out why my two year old has suddenly become such a finicky eater. Meal times have become a battle of wills between us because I am anxious that he won’t eat and he is determined to pick at his food. What can I do to get him to eat a full...

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