Dear Director,

What tips do you have to help my 2 year old learn to share his toys.

“It’s Mine”
Boston, MA

Dear It’s Mine,

Learning to sharing can be a challenge for both adults and children. Therefore it is important not to expect your toddler to grasp the concept of sharing without some coaching and modeling of the behavior by an adult. Here are some tips to encourage sharing:

  • Prepare your toddler before arriving to school or a play date. “What toy do you like to play with most, do you think you would let your friend Alan play with your toy”. If your toddler is not interested in sharing a favorite toy, ask him what toy he would be willing to share.  Encourage, but do not force your toddler to give up a cherished toy, or he will learn that there is no fun in sharing.
  • Practice sharing! Send a snack to school or play group that all of the children can share. Have your toddler be the one to pass out the goodies.
  • During group play let the children know that when you ring the bell or blow the whistle it will be time to let another child play with the disputed toy.
  • Toddlers will follow your lead.  Share a treat with your child, let them use an item of your clothing i.e. hat, old jacket for play.

The key to teaching your toddler to share is to continue to talk to him about the value of sharing. Don’t despair if your toddler stubbornly refuses to share, ask him why and respect his feelings. Your toddler may not want to share with ”Alan” because he mistreats his toys. Teaching your toddler to share will take time and patience, but let him see you practice generosity and he will learn those same traits.

Tartt’s Day Care Centers Inc. Boston based childcare centers operating since 1946 specialize in the care and education of infants and toddlers. We realize that teaching children to share requires a coordinated effort between parents and educators. It is important to remember when teaching our children any new skill patience and loves make all of the difference.

“Ask The Director “ is written by Wanda Geer in collaboration with Anita Handy and Nida Wright.  Director’s at Tartt’s Day Care Centers Inc. their combined childcare experience totals 40 years.

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ARTTs Day Care Centers is excited to introduce our newest location, TARTTs at The Factory, situated between Harrison Ave and Albany Street in Boston’s Historic South End.

This location offers families many amenities, such as:

  • Modern and unique classrooms designed to promote creativity & learning
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The Factory building at 56 Wareham is at the junction of the Mass Pike and I93 exits. The location is also Silver Line accessible on the MBTA.


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TARTTs SoWa is TARTTs Day Care Center’s 2nd South End location. This art-themed, boutique-style child care facility continues TARTTs unique brand of small, intimate child care locations specifically designed to meet the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Located in the Jordan Lofts building south of Washington Street (SoWa). TARTTs SoWa features:

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TARTTs Day Care Center, located at 495 Harrison Ave., lies in the heart of Boston’s Historic South End. This warm and bright facility is situated between Savoy Street and Randolph Street.

495 Harrison Ave. is MBTA accessible from Washington Street (silver line and bus connection). There are also nearby exits to Interstate 93 and the Massachusetts Turnpike. We have designated 10-minute parking spaces for parents for quick and easy drop-off and pickup.